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This (unofficial) website contains details about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK on April 1st 2004. Please see the main page first if you are new to this site.

Memory card reader not working/showing up?
A couple of MD8083 owners have contacted me to say that they have had problems with their memory card reader (behind the front drop-down panel) either not showing up or failing to read memory cards. They have also let me know of a solution which fixed the problem for them, and this page contains further details incase you have the same problem.

Firstly ensure that you have the latest version of the driver software for the memory card reader, from the downloads section on the Medion support website. Having the latest drivers may well solve your issue, in which case you don't need to do anything else.

However if the card reader drives aren't showing up in windows Explorer, or you can't read the cards themselves, then it could be that there is static build-up which needs to be removed - there appears to be two methods to do this.

1) Firstly there's the way that I've been emailed by the users who contacted me, which is to shut down your PC, remove the power cable from the back of the machine, and then hold in the power button (on the front of the PC) for 30 seconds. This should discharge any static which has built up inside the machine. Plug the machine back in, and restart your PC again.

2) The other is the way mentioned on Medion's website which is to shut down the PC, but instead of removing the power cable from the back of the machine, flick the switch to "0" and make sure the cable is still connected to the wall socket as usual. Now hold in the power button (on the front of the PC) for 30 to 45 seconds, which should be long enough to discharge any static build-up. Now flick the switch on the back of the unit back to "1" and restart your PC again.

Hopefully doing this should now make the card reader work. If you still have a problem, then I would recommend contacting Medion to get it looked at under the Warranty.

My Smart Card reader doesn't show as a drive
This is correct, it isn't ment to, and instead is accessed via software which was supplied with the MD8083. I shall be adding a guide to using the Smart Card reader soon.

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