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This (unofficial) website contains details about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK on April 1st 2004. Please see the main page first if you are new to this site.

New: Updated information further down this page about the High-performance Ballistix Memory, which appears suitable for the MD8083!

Memory pre-installed in the Medion MD8083
System information tools say that there are two Samsung 400mhz DDR memory sticks installed in the MD8083, each 256mb and in slots 2 and 4 of the 4 memory slots on the motherboard.

Upgrading to have more memory
As I've not upgraded my own machine yet, I can't confirm the exact details of what memory is required, but several users have contacted me to say which ram they have used, and I have complied a list of recommended modules further down this page. The manual seems to suggest that "DDR PC3200 CL=3 Unbuffered Non-parity DDR400 2.6V 64Meg x 64" ram is the type used by the motherboard, which is good news as this is widely available from all of the normal memory suppliers, at reasonable prices.

There is a manual (in .pdf format) giving specific information about upgrading the RAM in your MD8083, which is available by going to "Start > All Programs > User Guides > Motherboard Manual" or directly at D:\Tools\Manuals\Mainboard.pdf

Key points to this are that the motherboard has 4 184pin DDR DIMM slots, supporting up to a maximum of 4gb memory (1gb per slot). The DDR ram does not support ECC (error correcting code) and registered DIMM.

There are some DDR Population Rules which must be followed. Either single- or double-sided modules can be used, but it is noted in bold that "each DIMM can work respectively for single-channel DDR, but there are some rules while using dual-channel DDR". Details of the DIMM channel arrangement are as follows:

DIMM1 (Ch A) DIMM2 (Ch A) DIMM3 (Ch B) DIMM4 (Ch B) System Density
128MB~1GB   128MB~1GB   256MB~2GB
  128MB~1GB   128MB~1GB 256MB~2GB
128MB~1GB 128MB~1GB 128MB~1GB 128MB~1GB 512MB~4GB

The manual also says that you may install memory modules of different type and density on different-channel DDR DIMMs. However, the same type and density memory modules are necessary while using dual-channel DDR, or instability may happen. Other combination not listed in the table will function as single-channel DDR instead of dual-channel.

Recommended RAM for the MD8083
Based on the emails that I've received from other MD8083 owners who have contacted me, it'd appear that the memory modules from Crucial are the best for the machine, and also available at competitive prices (indeed my previous PC had two 512mb sticks of ram from Crucial and they arrived next day!).

You need to buy pairs of RAM, and not just single sticks. I'd strongly recommend going for the most ram you can afford, and the machine can take up to 1gb in each slot, so if your budget allows it you could have 4gb - although currently prices for this huge amount are still quite expensive.

My personal preference would be to either buy two 512mb sticks and add them in addition to your current two 256mb ones, or even better buy four 512mb sticks (it's cheaper than buying two 1gb modules) giving you 2gb of ram - of course if you buy four sticks you'll have to two old ones spare, but you could sell them on ebay.

New: High-performance Ballistix Memory from Crucial
Crucial are now listing the Medion MD8083 in their automated product search tool, and recommend their Ballistix range of memory. It's slightly more expensive than their standard RAM, and so you may just prefer to buy their other memory modules instead, but for anyone wanting to spend that bit extra then the Ballistix range may be what you are after!

As with the other RAM listed, it should be compatible (and Crucial claim it definitely is) but please do double check the specifcations to make sure that it is suitable for your requirements. It's worth noting that Crucial say the PC4000 RAM is suitable, where as Medion orginally claimed that our RAM modules were PC3200. I would appreciate feedback on the forum from MD8083 owners who fit the Ballistix memory, so as we can know that it works.

Note: I can't be held responsible if the memory you buy doesn't work or causes problems - please ensure that you are confident with fitting RAM and that the items you are purchasing are suitable for your needs. However everyone who has ordered the RAM listed above has told me they've had no problems, (although forum member lavo-1 let us know that the two sticks of the standard Crucial memory they had caused problems and were refunded) so you hopefully shouldn't have any problems either.

Don't forget the warranty...
Don't forget that there's a 3 year warranty with the Medion MD8083. I don't know quite how this and upgrading the PC work together, so check first with Medion if you want to make sure that you aren't invalidating your warranty!

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