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This (unofficial) website contains details about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK on April 1st 2004. Please see the main page first if you are new to this site.

Removing the side panel on the Medion MD8083
With thanks to forum member 'Lobes' who's guide this article is based upon.

If you've tried to remove the side panel of the MD8083 to upgrade parts inside the machine (or simply wanted to take a look inside) then you may have found it's quite difficult to remove - there's nothing really to grab hold of to help with the removal.

Use this step-by-step pictorial guide and you should find it's much easier...

1) Looking at the back of the machine, you'll see there are several screwheads. We are interested in two of these (indicated in the photo by the red arrow points), and before you can remove the side panel, you must use a phillips crosshead screwdriver to undo the two screws which hold the side panel in place.
Removing the side panel from the MD8083
2) Just above where each of the screws were you'll see there are small lugs on the right hand side which are part of the side panel - two in total. These can be used to insert a suitable flat-blade screwdriver in to the notch, and gently lever the panel backwards (towards you as you look at the rear of the machine).

Make sure that you do this evenly, and don't allow the top or bottom to come further out than the other as you could cause damage if the panel isn't removed straight.

Removing the side panel from the MD8083
3) Lever the panel until it has come back about 1 or 2 centimetres or until the grooves at the front of the case have been exposed.
Removing the side panel from the MD8083
4) Insert the screw driver into the grooves at the front of the case and again move from top to bottom to lever the panel back evenly.

Be careful of the plastic facia at the front of the computer if you use it to grip as it looks pretty flimsy.

Removing the side panel from the MD8083
5) You'll also have to make sure that you are careful not to bend any of the metal chassis around the grooves. If you do, make sure to straighten it out again, otherwise it may make it a lot harder to put the panel back on.
Removing the side panel from the MD8083
6) Nearly there now - give the panel one last shove from the centre screw hole on the chassis and it should pop off.
Removing the side panel from the MD8083
7) And by now you should find that the side panel has come free from the case and can be removed to allow access to the internals of the machine.
Removing the side panel from the MD8083

Additionally, in the original article Lobes suggests that it might be worth putting a bit of grease along the rails so as the case slips into place easier.

Don't forget the warranty...
Don't forget that there's a 3 year warranty with the Medion MD8083. I don't know quite how this and upgrading the PC work together, so check first with Medion if you want to make sure that you aren't invalidating your warranty!

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