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This (unofficial) website contains details about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK on April 1st 2004. Please see the main page first if you are new to this site.

Connecting a Sky/Cable/Freeview box to your MD8083 computer
The Medion Titanium MD8083 features Audio and Video inputs, so it's possible to link a set top box such as Sky or Freeview to your PC, allowing you to watch television on your screen (in addition to the built in analogue terrestrial TV receiver). You could of course also connect up a VCR or games console such as an Xbox, PlayStation 2 or Gamecube in the same way.

You'll need a Scart to Composite lead to connect your set top box up to the MD8083. I've used a cheap audio/video lead kit from Argos, which works perfectly fine and also allows for lots of other combinations such as connecting S-Video, etc... Using a lead kit such as from Argos, make up a lead with a scart plug on one end, and the "Video/Audio R/Audio L" plugs on the other. Depending on your set top box you might have either a scart or composite sockets spare on the back, so if it's the latter you could just make up a composite to composite lead (or just buy such lead from any TV/electrical retailer).

photo showing the cables plugged in to the sockets on the front of the PC

Once you've got this lead, connect the scart end in to a scart socket on your set top box. Now plug the Yellow "Video" composite plug in to the Yellow "Composite Video In" socket which is located behind the "ConnectXL" flap on the front of your PC. Directly next to this you need to connect the Red "Audio Right" plug in to the red "Aux In" socket, and then finally the "Audio Left" plug in to the white "Aux In" socket which is to the left of the previous one - your plug might be black instead of white, but it's the same thing.

Now load up the CyberLink PowerCinema software, by either going to Start > All Programs > Home Cinema > Power Cinema 2.5 > Power Cinema or you might have a small TV style icon in your task tray by the clock with an "M" in it (Power Cinema Service). If so you can simply double click this, it'll load up the Power Cinema suite.

screenshot showing the Power Cinema menu
You will see a full screen menu, with several options. Click on the "TV" option.

The "TV" service will start. Make sure that you are in "AV" mode by using the left/right arrows to flick through to the correct mode.

screenshot showing the Power Cinema TV mode
Once you are, you will see a choice of "Composite" and "S-Video" on the left of the screen. Click on the "Composite" and you should get sound and vision, in colour, of your video source (Sky/Freeview box, or whatever you have connected...)

There are several buttons giving you the ability to watch TV in windowed/full screen modes, record TV to your PC's hard drive, and other options as detailed in the help guide which is available by clicking on the Questionmark at the top right of the screen.

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