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This (unofficial) website contains details about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK on April 1st 2004. Please see the main page first if you are new to this site.

Using a PS/2 style keyboard and mouse on the MD8083
There's no PS/2 style keyboard and mouse sockets on the Medion Titanium MD8083, meaning you can't connect up your old peripherals - this might be a problem if you have a specific mouse or keyboard that you prefer to use such as the "natural" design ones.

I specifically wanted to use my old mouse (Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical) and keyboard (Microsoft Internet Keyboard) from the previous PC on the MD8083, and checked the local PC World for a USB to PS/2 convertor - quite amazingly they told me that not only don't they sell them, but that it's simply not possible. They're wrong, it is possible, using one of a range of items designed to provide the very conversion from a USB port to two PS/2 ports that I was after.

The item which I ordered was a Belkin F5U119 USB PS/2 Adaptor. The one that Amazon shows in their photo is the F5U119-E model, where as Belkin UK say the larger unit from their "USB BusStation" range is the one currently available in the UK. Amazon sent me the larger one (pictured below) and it appears to work fine. I would imagine that the "-E" version would work equally as well, but obviously can't confirm this without having one.

Belkin F5U119 USB to PS/2 adapter

This unit features a USB A to B lead, which plugs in to one of your USB ports on the PC, and the other end plugs in to the adapter itself. There's then two PS/2 ports on the back of the unit, which mimic real PS/2 ports. What's more, you can also "hot swap" the keyboard/mouse whilst it's switched on, which is an added bonus.

I've not installed the drivers for my Microsoft keyboard, so the extra keys aren't functioning (things like the internet shortcut keys, and the calculator button) but I believe that installing the drivers from the keyboard's install CD would solve this. The mouse works perfectly, with all functions including the scroll wheel.

Obviously with the PS/2 keyboard/mouse in use, you can now remove the USB wireless receiver from your MD8083 so as to free up a USB port, and put it, along with the wireless keyboard and mouse back in the box. You could also possibly use both the supplied wireless items and your PS/2 devices at the same time, as this appears to work.

Points to note...
There are possibly other options, instead of using the Belkin F5U119 device. Amazon sell a Sitecom USB to PS/2 device which looks as though it does a very similar thing, and also a Targus Port Replicator which is designed for use with a laptop, but should equally function just as well with a normal desktop PC such as the MD8083 - it does seem to be a bit excessive though, providing lots more ports and at a higher price. As I do not have either of these items, I can't confirm how well they work.

I also tried two small USB to PS/2 convertor blocks from Maplin (item A77AH) however these did not work, as the keyboard and mouse were not recognised. Might be that I didn't set something up correctly, so if you've managed to get it working please let me know.

Using a USB to PS/2 keyboard and mouse convertor like the Belkin one, you can also connect via a PS/2 style KVM switch (keyboard/video/mouse) allowing you to use two (or more) PC's on the one monitor. I can confirm that this works for me, using the Linksys "KVM2KIT" switch unit.

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