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This site has been set up to give information about the Medion MD8083 computer, which went on sale at Aldi stores across the UK (and also parts of Europe) on April 1st 2004, as one of their weekly special offers. This website is 100% unofficial and has simply been created so as I can share information with other owners - I guess you could call it a "MD8083 fan site"... Please read this important information first!

Information about the MD8383XL, MD8080, MD8084 and other Medion PC's is also available on this site and in the forum, along with the similar spec Advent T9.

Current MD8083 articles: (more will be added as time permits)

Titanium MD8386 on sale at Aldi UK from April 28th! Aldi are listing the MD8386 again, after it was previously offered for sale during March. It's priced at 749.99 and features a 3.2GHz Pentium 4 640 HT 64bit processor, heat pipe cooler, 320GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, 16x Dual Layer DVD-writer and numerous other features - find out more in the forum

Medion UK selling the MD8083 direct? A very similar spec machine is now listed for sale on their MedionShop website. See the forum for further details...

American MD8083? Forum member Elco has posted details of the Medion MD8084XL which is due to go on sale at Aldi in America, and looks to be similar to the MD8083. If anyone can provide more info then please do get in contact via the forum.

New: Register for the MD8083 user forum, which lets owners share their knowledge of the machine, problems and how to do more advanced things with your PC!

Advent T9, similar spec machine? Is PC World's Advent T9 a Medion MD8083 re-badged? Adverts for a Pentium 4 3Ghz PC have been on TV in the UK showing what appears to be a very similar specification machine, but under a different name. Could be the ideal opportunity for anyone that missed out on the MD8083! Read more...

It would appear that the MD8083 also went on sale at Aldi stores in Australia during May 2004 - if anyone has purchased one of the Australian machines and can confirm that they are the same or not, I would be glad to hear from you (email at the bottom of this page), I've also heard a second batch of the MD8083's are going on sale in Australia from July 8th --- Thank you to everyone who has contacted me from Australia, please don't hestiate to get in contact if you have questions about the machine.

Key features of the Medion Titanium MD8083
The PC features a 3Ghz Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading technology, with 512mb of Samsung 400mhz DDR Ram, and a 128mb ATI Radeon 9800 XXL graphics card which is thought to be based on the top-end XT chipset (system information programs such as the Belarc advisor confirm this to be the case). Drives consist of a 200gb Seagate internal hard drive, a Pioneer DVR-107D DVD RW, and a 16x DVD ROM drive. There is also a "ConnectXL" panel on the front behind the sliding cover, which has numerous inputs and card reader slots, including SmartMedia/XD, Memory Stick, SD/MMC, Compact Flash and even a Smart Card reader for chips such as you get on mobile phone simcards or credit cards.

Bundled software
Pre-installed software is included with the MD8083, and also comes on backup discs incase you ever need to re-install. There's Windows XP Home as the operating system, Ahead - Nero 6 for the CD/DVD burning software, Microsoft Works Suite 2004 (which features Autoroute, Word, Encarta Standard, Money 2004, Picture It! Photo Standard 9), Microsoft Works 7.0, and a full suite of CyberLink software including PowerCinema, PowerProducer, PowerDVD, etc... A 90-day trial of Computer Associates eTrust Anti Virus is also installed and seems to provide very impressive realtime virus scanning in the background without wanting to take over the PC like some other AntiVirus products are known for doing - there's also a very impressive offer for registering eTrust which will allow you to continue receiving updates for 5 years, 10 years or even "Lifetime" with prices which are more than reasonable.

Full three year warranty
A full 3 year warranty is included with the Medion MD8083 purchased from Aldi, so it'd make sense that if anything goes wrong, to contact Medion via their technical support line (National rate number) and get them to fix it, using the on-site warranty service. The three year warranty makes me feel that Medion must have a lot of trust in the components which are used in the 8083, and from experience of two other Medion PC's, I've never had problems with them. Fingers crossed I'll never have the need for any warranty repairs to be carried out!

Further updates to this site soon...
I'll be adding more details to this site as time permits. Please bookmark this site by adding it to your favourites, and visit back regularly. If you've also got the MD8083 and would like to share your tips with others, or have any questions about problems that you may be having, then you can post in the newly opened MD8083 Forum. You can also email me md8083(at) but posting on the forum is best as you'll also get replies from other owners!

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